Loved ones remembered: He'd rather be with us

Last updated 09:30 13/12/2012

Stuff Nation: Surprise visit for Peet.

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Peet died two months short from turning 58.

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Just over four years ago my brother in Holland died, two months short from turning 58.

Since Peet (pronounced Pait) was some four and a half years older than me I am now at the stage where I am about to over take him in age.

It's moments like these that are weird, to say the least.


How the hell is that possible? I ask myself.


He lived life to the fullest and even at his funeral with a picture frame leaning against the coffin, it seemed as if he was kicking it from within as the photo came tumbling down.

The funeral was held in Holland but my daughter and I watched it after 1am via her macbook online in bits and pieces as broadband was still very so-so.

The odd thing is that a year before he was diagnosed he set up a website called The Last Supper and a restaurant in Amsterdam which catered for 'last suppers' where people come together one last time bought it off Peet.

In 2005 he and his girlfriend organised a party to celebrate life and their love and for a laugh he sent us, in New Zealand, an invitation too: So we decided to take it up and my two sons and I were planning to pay a surprise visit at the party. Two days before leaving the party was cancelled because it was summer and too many people had other plans. But hey, we were going, so we did... and the video is below.

Peet doesn't want to rest in peace at all - he'd sooner be here with us.

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