Epic pet journeys: That's not my cat

Last updated 05:00 15/12/2012

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I went on holiday once and left my cat for the first time at a cattery for two weeks.

When I came back and picked the cat up, I thought it looked and acted a bit different but I put it down to having been in a strange place. But back home it just didn't feel right . I still put it down to being away for two weeks. However, a few days later I noticed that when the cat yawned it had a full set of teeth.

You may be wondering how I couldn't recognise my own cat to begin, with but the cattery confirmed they only taken one black cat on their books with a white spot on its chest, exactly like the one I had picked up.

I rang the cattery and said I'm pretty sure this is not the cat I dropped off, but they insisted it had to be.

Still not convinced I took the cat back with me that week to tell them the cat I had was smaller and had more teeth than my cat, and extracted teeth don't grow back right?

They scanned through the books and confirmed they only had one black cat registered but said I could leave the cat there for a couple of weeks and see if anyone else turned up.

Three weeks later we went for a drive back out to the cattery and I walked around the farm area searching and calling. Out of the blue I heard meowing. Unbelievable. I thought I was hearing things. But from out of this pond area came a bedraggled, skinny, pond-smelling, pitiful cat - my cat.

I went straight back to the cattery to get an explanation. They were gobsmacked. They now think my cat escaped on the night it got dropped off and by some coincidence another cat came in to the cattery that very hour and they thought it was the same cat. They refunded the cattery fees and paid for a vet check-up.

The cat was never quite the same. it didn't like leaving the house much and became quite nervy, but at least we found it by some small miracle.

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