Vision for Christchurch: We need creative minds

Last updated 05:00 16/12/2012
Gap Filler's Summer Pallet Pavilion
Yun Kong Sung, Studio OKAN

GAP FILLER: The Gap Filler Trust has received $50,000 to establish a youth development programme.

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The rebuild of Christchurch is a chance to take the best from the best, not another opportunity to sell out to the highest bidder at the sake of its citizens.

I think the opinions of young, established, accomplished designers should be valued. We could hold international competitions for ideas to get advice and inspiration from the best minds.

We must also look to the resourcefulness and creativity of the locals.

Some innovative ways to approach the rebuild could include:


  • Recycling earthquake-damaged materials to build a self-sufficient precinct.
  • Building blocks for small business owners who can work on the ground level and live in the upstairs levels.
  • Installing grey water systems and solar lighting. 
  • Creating a communal green space for growing plants/food.
  • Creating a place to live and work and raise families together.
  • Pop-ups, containers and Gap Filler - these are the best and most exciting ideas and are more important than the developers looking for a buck.
  • Leave the chain stores in the suburbs. The city should be boutique, artisan, craft, cafes, lanes, alleyways and cycleways. 

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