Epic pet journeys: Tommy finds home sweet home

Last updated 05:00 19/12/2012
stuff nation cat and dog
BFFS: Marley the dog and Tommy the cat.

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Our one-year-old cat, Tommy, went missing after we went away for the weekend.

Our dog, Marley, and Tommy are really good friends. Marley had been away with us the weekend. I am sure when we returned home to find Tommy missing, Marley went to look for him.

Tommy was away for more then a week. The kids and I looked for him every afternoon, but couldn't find him. The kids were praying that Tommy would come home.

The next morning I had an idea. The house we lived in previously wasn't too far from where we lived now. It was almost four months since we moved house, so I wasn't sure if Tommy would remember how to get back to the old house.

After asking around, the lady in the house said he was in her garden every day. We went around that same night to put out some food for him and the kids were very excited the next day after school to see if they could find him. We called him a few times but no luck.

The next morning about 6am, I heard something in the kitchen and guess what, there he was! Our Tommy returned home all by himself.

He is no longer with us as he died about three weeks after that. He had a bladder infection and had a heart attack when the vet operated on him.

At least now we know were he is and that he came home to die. He will always be sadly missed by all of us, and his best friend Marley.

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