Off the long run: You can stick your wicket

Last updated 14:30 20/12/2012
Ross Taylor
OUSTED: Black Caps' captain Ross Taylor.

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It is with much disappointment that I write this small piece. I'm not normally motivated to say anything  but in this case I feel very compelled to do so.

Over the years New Zealand Cricket has been under the spotlight, typically for two reasons: Player performance and management. Not surprising really, we are a country of knockers. There is something about Kiwis - we love to cane bad performances and seldom praise good performances. I suppose it's human nature.

New Zealand Cricket's management regarding Ross Taylor was without a doubt the worst ever performance by anyone. To make decisions based on relationships or whether you like someone is a fundamental mistake. A coach and management team need to put aside their personal feelings and look at an individual player's ability.

I remember the days when Ross Taylor came on the scene, he was touted as the next best thing and indeed, in most cases, that has become a reality.

What cricket player would want to be a captain for our national side? Someone who wants to risk everything or someone who wants to kiss the coaches and management's arse?

Clearly, the game of cricket is played both on and off the field, but which one is more complicated? I suspect it's off the field.

If the newly appointed captain had any balls or was an actual team player, he would've told both the coach and New Zealand Cricket where to stick their wicket and said no thanks, sorry, but I support my captain!

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