Call for new Education Minister

Last updated 14:30 20/12/2012
PUBLIC FACE OF BLUNDERS: Education Minister Hekia Parata.
PUBLIC FACE OF BLUNDERS: Education Minister Hekia Parata.

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I'm sure most of you have been following what's going on with Education Minister Hekia Parata, and what seems to be her need to get some schools shut down.

This seems quite ridiculous when the Minister then turns around and says education is extremely important. Forgive me ma'am but that is a load of bollocks! How is the cost of education of higher importance than education itself?

I found it highly amusing when Ms Parata compared her schooling years to today's education standards - she went to a school with more than 30 kids in her class. Ok, so did most of us over the age of about 25. I know I did and I suffered as my teacher had to spend more time telling other kids to be quiet than helping those who either needed the extra assistance or who were just flat out struggling to understand the work.

I could be wrong here but if class sizes were to increase, things most certainly won't change, so I fail to see how closing down schools could ever help.

Ms Parata, I beg you, please explain how you intend to make this education system better by closing schools, putting extra strain on parents and putting even greater strain on already stretched teachers?

Prime Minister John Key needs to have Ms Parata stood down as the Education Minister. If he doesn't make a move or even hint at any sort of restructure for the education sector, he could be seen a weak leader who doesn't have the balls to do what's necessary.

To me it seems like a fairly straight forward decision. Ms Parata has not been doing a good job as the current minister, and like a coward, has let someone else take the fall. It's time Mr Key steps up and appoints a new Education Minister.

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