It goes beyond Hekia

Last updated 09:30 21/12/2012
HEKIA PARATA: The Education Ministry's problems go beyond its leader.

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Beyond Hekia Parata is an entire ministry. She is the minister and is meant to lead her ministry, but others have played a large role in the organisation and in misinforming Parata.  

The ministry as a whole is failing our future and putting the livelihoods of students, parents and teachers at risk.

There needs to be a complete reform of the Education Ministry before the new school term starts in January. This education saga will continue as long as Parata is the Education Minister. Students, teachers and parents shouldn't have to be concerned about the future of the education. They should be able to concentrate on the learning and development that is necessary to be successful.

As well as Parata, there are members of the Education Ministry that should be stood down over the Salisbury School fiasco, which was a landmark case against the ministry. They fought and they lost. Salisbury at least has one more year to engage special needs girls in education that they wouldn't get in mainstream education. The new wraparound system will never work as a lot of students won't qualify because their needs are too great for what mainstream schools can cope with.

Then there is Novapay. Many families will go without this year because of the new payroll system. Many are already struggling financially with Novapay not paying them. For many of the support staff in schools this last pay will be their last pay as the funding for support staff is also being affected in the new budget.

So who is winning and who is losing?  Parata has a vote of no confidence against her from not only the general public, teachers, parents and staff, but also from most other parties. She is definitely losing. The students, parents, teachers and support staff are losing because of all the changes she has made and the changes she will make in the New Year.

The only thing that is winning is stress, caused by the ministry.

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