Preschool auctions Marmite for charity

Last updated 12:00 21/12/2012

THANKS USAR: Children at a Christchurch preschool have raised money for Urban Search and Rescue.

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When staff at a preschool in Christchurch found some black gold, they could have been selfish with it...

Down the road from Northlands Mall is a little preschool where the children are busy gearing up for Christmas, the special visit from Santa and, of course, the holidays.

There are candy canes to paint, the Christmas tree to decorate, lists to check off and letters to write. The centre is a hub of activity with everyone doing their bit, even restocking the survival kit (which, in Christchurch, no home or school would ever go without).

During the clean-up there was a shout from the office. Megan ran out saying, "Look what I have found!". Everyone gathered around.

What was it? What could it be? Is that a jar of liquid gold?

It was a 500gm jar of Marmite which had been sitting in the survival kit.

There was lots of talk about what they could do with it, the top one being, "eat it!" The kids had all been missing that very special Marmity taste.

However, knowing that the whole of New Zealand was also missing Marmite, they thought they could auction it on Trade Me. But they had to decide what to do with the money that the auction made. Keep it for themselves? No, this was something special and there is only one thing to do - donate it to charity. It was their turn to give something back, as they had been lucky when the ground shook, everything had stayed as it should.

The little preschool and their families took a vote and decided proceeds should be given to Urban Search and Rescue (USAR). USAR had been busy in town working day and night to help as many people as they could. They are heroes and certainly worthy of the money.

The only thing they had to do was wait and watch as people bid on the jar. It got exciting as the auction neared the end, the money crept up and up and the children at the preschool held their breath. When the auction finished they couldn't believe their eyes - the Marmite had raised $110.80 for USAR.

So, the little preschool wants to thank the heroes at USAR.

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