A magpie-like thirst for technology

Last updated 05:00 28/12/2012

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I had a plan for the Boxing Day Sales. Leave home at 8.30am and come home soon afterwards with either a new 160GB iPod or a Freeview satelite recorder.

However, to my surprise, neither were on special in the shops I visited, so by 9.10am I was at home with empty bags and a full wallet.

I then spent the day listening to whatever the iTunes DJ would select from my 11740 song library, reading volume two of the four-volume epic I didn't really want to read but would finish now I had started, interspersed with watching episodes of Forbrydelsen series one, while my desire for 'wonder stuff' slowly abated.

Then, this morning I reflected on this requirement for bright and shiny things. Last year at the sales, I purchased the computer I am looking at right now. While it has the capacity to do a zillion times more than what my old one did, the main reason I thought I needed a new one was so I could increase the size of my iTunes library to utilise the 60GB capacity it can hold (yes, I know I could have increased the memory but hey, there was a shiny thing on sale!). Now, of course, I need a new iPod so even more of the CD collection can go on to the iTunes library to be listened to through the computer instead of on the various stereos and other CD-playing devices scattered around the house.

Then there is the PVR - you will note the reference to videotape above - yep I still use a videorecorder. My last experience with digital recording five or six years ago ended with a frozen hard drive and hours of wiped programmes so trusty videotape it is - and of course DVD box sets.

But, in the end, there are only a certain number of hours available each day to watch TV, listen to music, and read books. I have the technology both old and new to continue to do this with what I have, so why on New Years Day will I be dragging myself out of bed to do the sales again? Because, in the course of writing this, I have reminded myself that I really, really want an e-reader as well. Hey, it's a shiny thing!

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