Christmas crises bring out kindness

Last updated 05:00 28/12/2012
Christmas Stress
DON'T STRESS! The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Wellington.

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I had a stressful Christmas Eve.

The drama began with a trip to Wellington International Airport. The car, which I am borrowing, was packed and we made it to the airport. When we went to get the bags from the back of the car we discovered the boot would not unlock. It had no internal lever and no access from the back seat. In the boot were 20-something Christmas presents for the football team (U15) my friends coach. Cue stress.

After trying the spare key, calling the locksmith, and using a crow bar, we still couldn't get in to the boot. We called over a construction worker, who was hero number one, who proceeded to saw open the boot. He saved Christmas and that crisis was averted.

One of the car keys was now broken but I used the good one to head home. All was well until I stalled the car at the lights on Evans Bay Parade, near Kilbirnie Park. I tried to restart the car, but to my horror the key wouldn't turn. the head of the key was just turning round the shaft. Cue stress.

Cars started tooting and staring as they overtook me. I just couldn't get the car started. Then an airport worker, hero number two, got out of his car and came to see if all was okay. It was not. I was bordering on tears but this guy calmly told me everything would be okay and not to worry about the traffic around me. He called *555 for me and stayed with me until help arrived. About the same time the parents of one of the aforementioned football team recognised the car and pulled over to help as well. I had met them only an hour or so before. The two parents (heroes three and four) stayed until the police arrived and then they all pushed the car around to a safe place.

The parents then drove me and the car to Berhampore to get a new key cut for the car. I'm sure they had better things to do on Christmas Eve.

What was meant to be a quick trip to the airport at 2pm, ended with me getting home at 6pm.

I don't think these four people, especially the last three, know just how much I appreciate what they did for me. I was on the verge of tears for the majority of the time and they all remained so calm and collected.

I learned that there truly are some wonderful people in the world and my belief in the Christmas spirit is restored.

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