Experience block stiff for grads

Last updated 12:27 08/01/2013

Hundreds of graduands gather in Wellington ahead of their graduation ceremony in December.

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The differences between Australia and New Zealand is one thing that we as Kiwis always rave about and think that we are the best. This is one thing that I, as a new graduate, am starting to doubt.

I have been job searching for four months. There are a lot of jobs out there for the profession that I have recently trained in, and I would love to have any one of them.

It has recently come to my attention that when it comes to a profession, New Zealanders' minds are a lot more backward than Australians'.

Every position would like someone with experience and no one is willing to train someone to do the job.

I believe that as a new graduate my knowledge of my profession is the most up to date that it could be. I have also had fieldwork experience, so it is not like I am a complete newbie. This is an opinion that most Australian employers share.

Most positions advertised in Australia encourage new grads to apply and would like the opportunity to train someone in their way of doing the job.

We all know that the New Zealand government complains that all of our new grad health care professional go overseas.

I used to think that it was silly for a new grad to go overseas when they have studied for so long in our amazing country, but now I can see why they do it and I am thinking of doing the same.

This country is willing to have us pump our money into our education, but they are not willing to employ us once we are finished studying.

How is any New Zealand health care professional supposed to get a job without having gone overseas to gain the almighty experience first, and since they pay us so much more we may as well stay there.

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