What are wives thinking?

Last updated 05:00 15/01/2013

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No one really talks about this before marriage (or other similar unions). But the reality is that for 99 per cent of married men, their wives/partners are doing something that needs to be brought out into the open.

A few weeks after the wedding day, they slyly and quietly start throwing out the man's much loved clothing and replacing it with things they like.

That old rugby jersey, the slick leather jacket from the 80s, those perfectly comfortable shorts with holes that don’t reveal anything worth getting arrested for, the shirt that tells everyone this man knows style and the list goes on.

The old saying is quite true that when a couple marry the woman hopes he will change (for the better) and the man hopes she stays the same.

But why would woman want to do this? Do they really think their fashion sense is superior?

What I think they forget all too soon is that the man's style before they got their hands on it was impressive enough to attract them. Do they think of this as the tweed shoes go missing, the bluey-greeny-orangey jersey goes AWOL?

And what it perhaps worse is that the woman feels no need to justify her actions. Like it is her God-given right to perform these acts – usually and shockingly without the man's knowledge at all. Only for the man to slowly realise weeks, or even months, later when he starts looking for his favourite shorts that they are gone. Forever!

Men – it is time we took pride in our fashion sense. We are not show ponies! We are not children! We are not inept stylists!

No more should married men face the heartbreak of a loved piece of clothing being tossed without a second thought.

No more should married men be challenged and emasculated over buying clothes for themselves. No more!

I'm not talking to the few who have escaped this epidemic and are able to buy clothes, shoes or even sunglasses for themselves. I'm talking to the silent major majority hidden behind fashion labels, catalogues and hours of bargain shopping expeditions.

And yes, I am writing this dressed in clothes not brought by myself, but for me.

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