Why I'm thinking gay marriage can be OK

Last updated 05:00 16/01/2013

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Let me begin by saying I grew up a conservative Christian who believed homosexuality was sinful and abhorrent to society. This was my view until only recently.

I still call myself a Christian. I'm a church minister in one of New Zealand's significant Christian denominations.

I'm not gay nor have close friends who are.

Some arguments against homosexuality based on biblical interpretations are pretty thin. The Bible isn't as explicit as many people make out and only touches on the subject ever so briefly.

In fact if people focused on things that were far more explicit in the Bible - like anger, lust, selfishness, greed - they probably wouldn’t have enough time to worry about what gay people are doing.

But I think these other things are too close to home for them.

People take the bits of the Old Testament and the New Testament that suit them, but overlook any other teachings which may go against them in other aspects of life.

We see it all the time. People who use the Bible to argue their specific points tend to come across as too selective and prejudiced to be taken too seriously.

The issue of gay marriage's effect on society also seems to be based on fickle data. There is no guarantee that a man and woman would make a better job than two men or two women.

We can clearly see that some straight parents have done a pretty shocking job at raising kids. And we can see kids coming from gay couples maturing just as well as other kids. And how many wives today wear the pants in a relationship anyway (Joke. Maybe).

From my own personal perspective I have no idea why someone would "choose" to be gay - consciously or sub consciously.

But just because I can't work it out doesn't mean it's wrong. Would more people start being gay? I don't know why they would. Would society lose its moral compass? Some in the Church would say this horse bolted long ago.

If love is mutual, life affirming and able to overcome the turmoil that makes relationships what they are, then isn't this most important? Are some parts of the Church or other people really trying to save society or are they trying to save religion or life as they know it, rather than as life should be?

On a totally different, yet relevant subject, the Bible talks much more about slavery.

Wouldn't some people live better lives as well looked after slaves than if they were left to their own devices? I'm sure there would be even better arguments on this subject than about homosexuality.

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