Your View: Where is the fight Black Caps?

Last updated 14:37 15/01/2013
Where is the fight Black Caps?
Martin Guptill feeling the pain.

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Where is the desire Black Caps?

I've supported the Black Caps for the last 10 years with an undivided passion.

Through the many bad times and the fleeting good ones, like a faithful dog I have stayed by their sides. In the middle of the night I've been there hoping, waiting, wishing that something, anything will go our way.

That's the brilliance of cricket no matter the situation there is always a chance. It can always be turned around no matter how bad things might be going.

In half an hour the brink of defeat can be transformed into the brink of victory, sometimes it takes longer but is always possible.

If the Black Caps had anything it was an unwavering grip on this concept.

They would fight for every run, every wicket always knowing that things could be turned around. Beating the Aussies three nil in the Chappel Hadlee trophy, South Africa in the last world cup and in Hobart against the Aussies were prime examples of this never say die attitude.

Undoubtedly we are in a current slump and don't have the talent that we had. But that's not the point.

We don't fight, we don't claw, and we no longer seem to do everything that we can to win.

That's not to say that the players don't want to win or that they can't win.

It just seems like they have forgotten how.

They accept defeat too easily. Rash boundary seeking shots when we are 8 or 9 down with mountains of time or overs to bat are a prime example. What used to be a never die attitude has turned into one of accepting defeat.

We are no longer the scrapers that we used to be.

Instead we wilt under pressure; seemingly eager to get back to the dressing room and "put this one behind us" so we can "focus on the next match."

If you bake a cake and get it wrong do you forget about it and try again with the same recipe and method? No you go back you look at what you did wrong, try a new method, new ingredients to fix the problem and repeat.

Eventually you will improve.

Whilst the quality of the players that form a team influence, to a certain extent, how successful a team may be, it is their desire to win that holds a team together.

It's the glue, over the past 12 to 18 months it has slowly seeped out of the Black Caps team leaving only the pieces disjointed and waiting to be put back together.

It is this never say die attitude that I am missing.

I got out of bed in the early hours knowing that on their day they could do something brilliant.

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That if they lost they would go down fighting, relentless in their chase of victory even when defeat seemed inevitable.

That is all we diehard Black Caps fans ask for - more fight, more desire.

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