Pets who rule: Guilty!

Last updated 15:16 15/01/2013
Hendrix the dog
Hendrix gets ready for a ride.
Zamah the cat
It's a hard life for Zamah.

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I am 100 per cent guilty of letting my pets rule the household.

Hendrix is my two-year-old foxy and he is just the best.

I have to say I got lucky with him, he dosen't chew the house down, dosen't bark and is the most friendly dog you culd meet.

However, he is never left alone, our schedule somewhat revolves around him, he can sleep where he wants - he's basically allowed to do whatever he likes. But because he is not naughty we allow that of him.

Now Zamah, my five-year-old cat, is a different story.

We thought hendrix would be trouble, but it turns out my cat is worse!

We have somewhat of a Garfield and Odie situation. The cat looks at Hendrix like he is an idiot, because he, well, does what dogs do.

Zamah rules more than Hendrix does. He eats when he wants; all it takes is him sitting by his bowl and we are running up to feed him.

He is an unaffectionate cat but we still have hopes that he will come around one day.

I love my animals and they do bring the worst and best out of us human beings. We could also learn a few things from them - like unconditional love.

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