Out of the deep frier, into the chuckles

Last updated 12:08 16/01/2013
KFC movie

Actor Jeff Maxwell is about to get a start when playing the part 'Man' in The Kentucky Fried Movie.

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Get the bed pan out, attach the catheter, move the TV into the toilet... this movie is likely going to have you wet your pants... or not.

Humor is very subjective, there's those of us amongst us who appreciate proper comedy; Fawlty Towers, The Two Ronnies, Spike Milligan, Only Fools and Horses, Seinfeld, Peep Show etc, etc, yada yada yada, et al.

And then we have those who had their funny bone surgically removed who find the canned laughter and moral-minded comedies so (mis)aligned with American comedies (and I use the term very liberally) such as The Office, My Wife and Kids, Three's Company and ER as funny... what? ER is not a comedy?

But here is a gem from the country that gave us fiscal ledges, obesity, and oil spills; from the band better known for giving us Flying High (or Airplane! in some countries), Naked Gun, Top Secret and Ruthless People comes the original, the basis, the spermatozoa that bred the genre we know as spoof (the same term coined by a generation of teen boys to explain an act that never happened outside the dark confines of their bedroom).

From harnessing the oil from prepubescent teens for environmental sustenance, to 'giving to the United Appeal for the Dead', from beer-guzzling Hari Krishna's to blaxploitation movie trailers this movie takes a dig at the everyday things we take for granted.

Basically a sketch show which includes two 'feature length' shows (A Fistful of Yen, and Courtroom Pt 1 & 2) the trio of Zucker, Zucker, and Abrahams send you on a roller coaster ride through warped viewpoints on the mundane.

I first saw this movie when I was about 12 (back when we only had two channels) and while I deny the nudity shown in Catholic High School Girls in Trouble (a mockery of porn movies) was what captured my attention, it was the 'game' in trying to find all the jokes which is a trademark of the trio. You only have to read closing credits in any of their movies to understand what I mean here.

The movie stands the test of time, although the chances of any NZ media institution ever showing it again is as near to nil as the Black Caps are from taking down South Africa, as in this new-age, Greenie-loving, hemp-wearing, Novopay-defining politically correct world we live in, the collective gasp from closet Lefties would make your ear-drums bleed... and that in itself gives the best accolade the boys could have wished for.

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