Your view: I'm going to practise love

Last updated 05:00 21/01/2013

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Growing up in a Christian home, there were many practices and beliefs I was taught were abhorent and sinful.

But as others have mentioned, the Bible is quite vague on some issues, and I don't believe they deserve the same fervent opposition as other problems that affect our society.

I'm not saying that Christians are wrong, or that a homosexual couple are sinning, as to be honest, I have no idea.

So I am going to practice love. That does not mean I have to accept something I may or may not agree with, but the last thing people need is another judgemental religious person telling them how wrong they are and that they're on a highway to hell.

Half the people in our churches, as our pastors, childrens workers, singers could well be on the wrong side of God.

If we are judging on the fact that sin is sin, I know what I would choose - the sin that is not insideous, like a poison seeping it's way through society, and totally hidden.

The way I see it, is that people will judge God by how I act. So it is not up to me to tell someone they are doing wrong, or that they are going to hell, it is up to me to be encouraging, uplifting and positive. Those are some of God's qualities I want to portray to others.

So the jury is still out on which group of couples would make the best parents, be the best contributors of society.

But in the mean time, to the homosexual couple up my street, please come over and we'll have a beer!

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