Your view: News standards 'appalling'

Last updated 05:00 21/01/2013

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The reservations Lindsay Perigo, Sir Robert Jones, et al have regarding the Kiwi accent are totally valid.

It is regrettable but true that the problems do not stop there. The mangling of the language by the so called reporters and newsreaders is compounded by:

1. Appalling grammar employed by the writers of the bulletins which is trotted out in blissful ignorance by the so-called newsreader.

2. A lack of even a fundamental analysis of the news bulletins matched by any attempt at follow up of significant stories.

The grammatical structure of news items is a searing indictment of standards in our educational system. I have largely abandoned watching TVNZ and TV 3 news because of that appalling situation.

It is not uncommon for two or more shades of meaning to be taken from a news item because of the poor grammatical structure of the item. The presenter is, of course, blithely unaware of this because she or he has no grasp of the necessary grammar (nor of the wider importance or meaning of the item).

Analysis of news and current affairs has been lost in New Zealand. Sadly it will deteriorate further in 2013 due to the stated intention of TVNZ to lighten it's current affairs presentation. Sainsbury will be missed.

We now see this deterioration spreading into National Radio. Once more we have been subjected to the appalling Morris and his accomplice O'Brien mangling the language on weekday afternoons.

The regular news bulletins are being infected by very poor writing with which even the normally skilled radio readers seem to have problems.

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