US second amendment deters tyranny

Last updated 05:00 25/01/2013

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Hamish Dick's article, Why America embarrasses us all, makes a very important and valid point about the influence that second amendment supporters possess in the United States.

While I certainly hope Mr Dick doesn't disagree with individual citizens' democratic rights to support the second amendment with their individual votes, I also hope he is not ignorant to the fact that the US political process provides a process to both create new, as well as repeal existing, constitutional amendments.

I partially agree with is Mr Dick's issue on special interest lobbying in the United States. One only need look at the depth and breath of the US-initiated global financial crisis and the complete lack of even a single prosecution for blatant financial crimes to see that the special interest lobby is all encompassing throughout the US political process and economy. 

I would also like to point out to some facts about the Fourth Estate and US mass media. I think everyone would agree that the Fourth Estate personified in a free press represented by a broad and diverse ownership group is a critically important check and balance against government corruption and tyranny.

A generation ago, the US public enjoyed a broad and diverse ownership group of over 6000 television, radio, and print property owners. Fast forward to today, and even though there are more TV channels, radio stations, and magazine titles than ever, the actual ownership group for 85-90% of mass media content in the US has shrunk to a mere six.

So what you have in the United States at the moment is the long creep of oligarch-like pollution of the US democratic political process through special interest lobbying, combined with the collapse in mass media ownership diversity and independence, which when combined, brings a heightened risk of future tyranny.

And tyranny, specifically the prevention of it, is the primary purpose of the second amendment.

The primary purpose of the second amendment is not about hunting, target shooting, or even self-defense as the mass media attempt to portray.

If mass media in support of gun control choose to believe that tyranny is obsolete, that humanity has transcended it, or that tyranny has somehow been eradicated like small pox, I would simply point out the treatment of Native Americans, the internment of ethnic Japanese-Americans in WWII, and the treatment of African Americans up through the Civil Rights Movement.

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The modern gun control movement in America can trace its legacy back to attempts to control the legal use of firearms by groups like of Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, and Martin Luther King fighting against tyranny and for equality.

And tyranny is the one word mass media attacks on the second amendment all seem to intentionally or ignorantly omit.

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