Best place to live in NZ? Gisborne

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I am from the beautiful Bay of Plenty by birth, right between the Urewera forest and the gorgeous East Coast.

My husband is from the equally stunning Bay of Islands, and we met and first started our family in the Waikato. But after trying city living, then my home town, then his and back to Hamilton again, we have spent the last three years of our marriage living in Gisborne.

We love it here. The climate is enviable, every home we have lived in here has had lovely rich soil for growing a garden without much effort, and the beach is at our doorstep for food gathering and recreation (our puppy especially loves it down there).

Gisborne is a city, but with a definite small town pace.

A switch from dairy farming to forestry has paid off well in the pocket for our household, and with house prices quite modest here we will be looking to purchase our first home within the next five years hopefully.

In my humble opinion what really makes Gisborne one of the best places to live, work and raise a family, is the community spirit here. There's always a helping hand to be found if you need one. Once in a sticky spot the owner/ operator of our local bakery bought some of his unsold goods to our home, and then offered if we ever needed any more I could work for it by doing the closing duties (rubbish out, dishes, mopping etc.) and that really helped at times. Other times I found myself with a free afternoon and would help out just to spend my time better and then pass on what I'd earned to my budgeting advisor to help a needy family or two.

And that's why Gisborne works so well for us. We just love it, this is home.

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