Uni vs school of life: Uni? What's the point?

Last updated 09:30 01/02/2013

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I think getting a higher education nowadays is quite overrated.

One plus one, two times two, and a good command of the English language is sufficient enough to crack it in any industry.

I left school after completing Year 12. I had the chance to go to university but didn't because I didn't know which path I wanted to take.

I also wanted to be a sportsperson but a niggling shoulder injury kept hindering my performance, so as soon as I left school I did what most of my mates were doing and got a job in construction. Being a labourer was a good paying job - easy money! I'm not saying this is an ideal industry but it pays well and you don't need maths and english to do the job, just your arms and legs. At 18 years old I was making over AU$35,000 which was more than enough for me.

I learnt how to use some of the machinery whilst on the job and ended up working in a factory. While working in the factory I learnt more about spreadsheets and logistics as part of my role, and at the same time learnt more about computers and how to touch type.

When I moved to New Zealand in 2002 as a 22-year-old I headed for a despatch managers position as I had the skills required for the job. I ended up  with a salary of just over NZ$46,000.

Now I'm in administration with a very successful company making just over NZ$50,000 and I'm not even working up a sweat. I'm loving it!

I know people with commerce degrees and majors in marketing that deliver pizzas. Did they pay a $40,000 student loan for that?

Everyone that's at the top started from the bottom, and in an environment where it's who you know not what you know, well, what's the point?

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