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Last updated 05:00 04/02/2013

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Some people may find this hard to believe, but there are people who do not drive a car at all. Like me, they don't have a licence and choose to be that way. It is a lifestyle choice and one with endless benefits, many which probably wouldn't rate with those who drive and are oblivious to life beyond four wheels.

Being outside, not needing to go to the gym, interacting with other people on the street, in buses, at the intersection, are just a few of the benefits. So is having fun on your bike or while walking, as opposed to sitting in a metal box eating up the planet's resources in social isolation.

I cycle to most places I go around Wellington. At times it can be dangerous and frustrating, but also fun and I love it - it keeps me young and active mentally and physically.

I choose not to drive because all the above benefits outweigh the benefits of having a car, which relate mostly to the weather and supermarket shopping - two things it is possible to deal with on a bicycle.

When I bike to work I despair at the long queues of people in their cars all by themselves. What is wrong with them I wonder, that they see such a greedy, isolated experience as superior to public or sustainable transport options?

Try leaving your car at home just once and viva la difference.

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