Do we need the royals? Part of our identity

Last updated 12:30 05/02/2013
Royal portrait

THE ROYALS: A sentimental part of our history.

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The great journey to this land should never be forgotten, for Maori or European. Too quickly do we dismiss the journey of our forebears, or the rich legacy and dream of a prosperous future for those that would see the formation of a nation. For the men and women who laid down their lives in preservation of queen and country, for the ideals that have been shaped and evolved in the name of the crown. For the simplicity of retaining a clear symbol of our connections to the special relationship with our commonwealth countries.

Maori have fought to retain their unique identity, their culture and their heritage, for the right to remember and honour their unique past and preserve their identity for the future. If anything, their struggles to regenerate and revitalise their own culture should be a message about the importance of heritage, of knowing your place in the world, of being able to stand under a strong symbol as a reminder of those who came before us. Their dreams, fears and aspirations. Even the ugliness of war and anger should not be dismissed.

As simple and as symbolic as they may seem, the royal family is an identity that is unique to those from the British empire who travelled to New Zealand in search of a new life. Yes, its sentimental - but so what. Maybe a little sentimental helps us find the heart and soul of a nation.

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