Little battlers: Half million dollar toddler

Last updated 15:00 08/02/2013
EXPENSIVE TREATMENT: Jethro is the only person in New Zealand with Atypical Hemolitic Uremic Syndrome.

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Jethro Morrow was born a happy and healthy little boy in 2010. Later that year though he got very sick and was subsequently diagnosed with a very rare and life threatening disease - Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS). He is the only person in New Zealand with this condition.

aHUS complications include kidney failure, seizures and neurological problems, no response to supportive treatments and severe hypertension (high blood pressure). aHUS can even return after kidney transplant.

Jethro is my little battler. He is a beautiful boy and everybody falls in love with him the second they meet him.

Jethro was on life support and lived in Starship Hospital for months. It is only due to weekly plasma infusions that he is currently stable. He will eventually become immune to the infusions and will go downhill very quickly, this is when he will need Soliris - the world's most expensive drug, costing $500,000 per year.

His family and myself constantly fundraise. We put on an event every month. We have a huge support network.

It is an incredibly tough road, but Jethro is the most inspirational person I have ever come across. He is so happy and bubbly and deserves a shot at life. Without Soliris he won't make it.

Jethro's parents Shannon Gantley and Louis Morrow are attempting to fundraise for his treatment. Donations from friends, family and strangers amount to about $1000 a week. The couple are now pushing for 10,000 individuals to sponsor Jethro for $1 a week. For more information visit Jethro's support page on Facebook.

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