I'm ashamed of NZ's image

Last updated 05:00 08/02/2013

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I am concerned about the way New Zealand is being portrayed overseas.

Recently we confirmed we are turning in to a third world country - we now need Save the Children-style charities to feed our children.

We appear to have so few tradespeople that we have to advertise and have job expos overseas to attract foreign workers while our own languish on the dole.

We seem to have daily stories about attacks on tourists.

We seem to think that we are alone in high house prices, try buying a house in London, New York or Sydney, let alone Auckland.

We are touted overseas as a low-wage economy and our government seems hell bent on bending over backwards for any overseas country that wants something from us.

We won't be able to get our mail delivered except on a part-time basis.

Our assets are up for grabs and our government will not listen to its people. Life-changing decisions are made by 120 people in Wellington. The public do not get a say in things that are of importance to us all.

Our manufacturing base is drying up and still our government does nothing to help.

People are struggling to provide the basics for their families, whilst worrying about job losses. Wages are inadequate for everyday needs.

What do people think about us overseas? I know I for one am ashamed of the way we seem to be portrayed lately.

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