Dating disasters: Crazy date crasher

Last updated 12:00 08/02/2013

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Despite a dramatic first date that involved fleeing a weapon-wielding assailant, Philip Leaning went on to marry his sweetheart.

We were both students living in Hawaii. I had asked the girl to a little party at a house off campus and after a lovely time we were walking back home about 11pm when a car pulled up beside us.

A guy aimed what, in the dark, looked like a rifle out the window and said he was looking for someone to kill. I got my date behind me and tried to talk to him, but he got out of the car so we ran like hell. He jumped back in his car as we were running.

Luckily, a friend of mine who was on campus security, happened to drive by and got us in to his car.

We drove round the campus with the crazy dude following us and as he pulled up alongside us and pointed the thing out the window again, we dropped down to the floor in the back seat.

Paul, my friend, hit the brakes and reversed away from him. He drove around to campus security, dropped us off, and then went after the guy. I walked my date back to her dormitory.

They caught the guy and called the police, who later showed me his weapon: a metre-long length of wood with four six-inch nails through the end of it.

It was an disastrous way to end a first date. But all turned out well, as we ended up getting married.

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