First date disasters: Don't mess with this chick

Last updated 15:00 12/02/2013

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This guy I met asked me out and suggested I come over to his house for lunch because he had the day off and he would cook me lunch.

Lunch was great, and we were sitting on the deck in the sunshine, enjoying a wine, when he suggested we head upstairs to watch a DVD.

Going upstairs to watch a DVD translates to me as an opportunity to get cosy, which is fine when that's what you both want. I wasn't sure where he thought it was headed but I am a big believer in being direct so I presumptuously said that while I was enjoying getting to know him, I didn't think it was time to head upstairs and jump in to bed with him. He responded that there was actually a lounge and big screen TV upstairs - awkward moment for me - so we carried on.

We went upstairs and he gave me the tour, ending with his bedroom. He walked in, sat down on the bed, turned on the TV, patted the bed and said 'come watch TV'.

I was standing with one foot in the room and one foot in the lounge thinking - didn't we just talk about this? I commented something to that effect but eventually sat down beside him to watch TV.

I had been sitting there for about a minute when he announced he wanted to 'playfight' and started prodding me. I said I wasn't keen but he continued the 'playfighting' and I got a bit irritated.

After saying for the third time that I didn't want to 'playfight' I stood up and he stood also, and when he put his hands on me again, I "played" back. This ended with him flat on his back with one of my knees pressing in to the middle of each of his biceps. He wasn't unfit but we were about the same height and I doubt he was expecting my reflexes. He couldn't get up and I stayed there until he agreed playtime was over.

I was pretty much put off by him by that stage, but in some last effort on his part he sat there and said he was infatuated with my body and asked if he could touch my boobs. I stood up, thanked him for lunch and walked out the door without looking back.

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