If you want benefits, go back to NZ

Last updated 09:39 15/02/2013

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I moved to Australia back in 2011.

Kiwis living in Australia get a lot of grief about taking Aussie jobs. But, if Aussies don't want to work, who else will? We did not come over here to be on a benefit as it's not worth it.

Australia is a rich country and you have to pay for everything - even for childcare you need a childcare card. You need to do RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and RSG (Responsible Service of Gambling) to work in clubs. It's not as cheap as many Kiwis think. Renting a house is the dearest and it is getting harder to get jobs here.

If you want a benefit, I would suggest you pack up and move back to New Zealand. We have had some hard times, but we don't rely on government support.

I think New Zealanders should be entitled to get a benefit or more services if they have been in Australia for over two years. If the people who come on boats can get housing, benefits, and everything else handed to them, then why can't Kiwis get help?

Even a special grant to help people for three months while they look for work would help prevent families ending up on the streets.

All in all, Kiwis do come for the better lifestyle and better wages.

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