First date disasters: No clothes? No, thanks

Last updated 05:00 15/02/2013

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My worst first date was a blind date set up by a mutual friend. We decided to meet for a drink first.

He turned up without his wallet so I paid for the first drink. He acted very embarrassed and suggested after the drink that we wander down the road so he could pop up to his apartment to collect his wallet and then we would head out for dinner. He invited me to wait in his apartment while he collected it, I declined but he was insistent, so I followed him up.

I sat patiently on his sofa waiting for him and wondering why it was taking so long when I suddenly became aware that he was standing behind me. I turned to look and to my amazement he was standing there, in a towel.

I asked him, "what the ...?" and he suggested we could "have some fun".

I decided I would have some fun with him, and told him we should do dinner first and see where the night took us. He agreed, got dressed and we walked down to the restaurant.

When we got there I asked him to order a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne and once it was delivered and poured, I then asked him where on earth he got the idea I would be up for "some fun".

He replied that he had tried this ruse several times and it had been moderately successful.

I stood up, poured my glass of unsipped champagne over his head, told him that I would tell every person I knew about his M.O and promptly left him with the bill and a rather shocked look on his face, not to mention the other diners!

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