The grass really is greener in Aussie

Last updated 05:00 18/02/2013

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I am a 20-something female with two university degrees covering off four majors. I finished in the top two per cent of my class at university and was a senior tutor. I have almost two years experience in my chosen industry and get paid $35,000 a year (before tax).

I have had a $2,000 overdraft since I finished university that I am yet to pay off. I buy most of my clothes secondhand and struggle to have enough money for food in the days leading up to my monthly pay day.

I have a $32,000 loan (which would have been more if I wasn't studious enough to have been awarded multiple scholarships) and my savings account grows at an incredibly slow pace. I walk to work rain, hail or shine because I simply cannot afford the petrol and parking or the bus fare.

Auckland is an expensive place to live. This is no secret. However, when I went to university and invested a significant amount of time and money to become qualified, I was under the impression I would be a 'step ahead'.

I love New Zealand, and ideally would stay here. However, I have watched multiple friends cross the ditch and earn nearly double what I do without the same level of qualifications and experience.

This begs the question - is it more economically viable to take my skills and experience elsewhere? When considering the figures outlined above, I think it is fair to say that the grass really could be greener on the other side.

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