How I survived Marmaggedon

Last updated 05:00 19/02/2013
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BE PREPARE: If Marmite disappeared from our shelves again, make sure you've got a survival plan.

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It was in March 2012 when all Marmite fans raced to the shops to buy out all the Marmite. Within a few days we saw the signs: Sorry, Marmite is out of stock until further notice. I began Marmite rations and I decided I'd have a little fun when I created my personal survival 10 tips:

The 10 step plan to surviving a Marmite shortage:

1. Marmite must not be wasted under any circumstances.

2. Limit your marmite rations to once per week or as appropriate to the amount of Marmite and its lovers in your household.

3. If you have to use Trade Me to get black gold, do so only as a last resort.

4. Pay attention to all media announcements and competitions as you could end up scoring some.

5. Ask around.

6. DIY Marmite takes a while to make so be prepared and start it before you run out. Also, you could try international versions of Marmite - its better than nothing.

7. Be prepared to trade for Marmite. If you have plenty, selling it could make you rich.

8. Keep a hidden stash and don't tell anyone it's the backup Marmite supply.

9. Vegemite is acceptable if all else fails.

10. Remember, don't panic, because Marmite will be back.

I also suggest the smell-mite tip, where you simply enjoy the smell of Marmite from the empty jars.

I like, most Marmite fans, braced myself for the big  announcement last week of Marmite's return. I now look forward to March 20.

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