Chch life: It's the little things that count

Last updated 14:30 19/02/2013

Chch, how has your life changed?

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GONE: Christchurch's central business district.

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Overall my life in Christchurch has changed a lot since the earthquakes.

My general life revolved around the CBD. I worked there, ate there, drank there, lived close to there, relaxed there and shopped there.

At first, there were no retail jobs in the CBD so I've had to relocate to the mall. It is not the same. I miss the tourists, the lunch time shoppers, the community feeling the stores built with each other. At the mall everyone just wanders around in a daze and thinks being rude to retailers is normal. Something we have all noticed is Christchurch people seem to be at a permanently high level of stress. In all my years of retail I have never had to deal with so much abuse from customers over very minor issues during the Christmas period.

We don't go out for dinner as often anymore, as you have to book well in advance. We now live further out of town and spend more time sitting in traffic than we would like.

But with this has come change, and change is interesting because you can either fight it or role with it. By rolling with it we have discovered new places to relax, new restaurants, a new love for brunch.

It's exciting when you see foundations being laid and new streets being open, especially watching the road workers pack up a stash of road cones, making life easier.

It's all those little things that make it easier. I do miss it and would love to go back in to the CBD when the time is right.

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