Chch best and worst: Traffic woes

Last updated 08:39 19/02/2013
Dean Kozanic
DRIVING CHAOS: It can seem like new road detours spring up daily.

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The roading situation seems to be getting worse, and by worse, I mean AFTER so-called "repairs" have been made.

It appears the concepts of "filling a hole" and "level" and "flat" have no place in the sentences uttered, nor the work done by road workers.

These geometry-challenged individuals and teams clearly have no concept of even the IDEA of what a "repair" means; leaving lumps and hollows behind them, almost like someone leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to follow. But we would rather we could not feel their work at all.

The traffic lights in Christchurch seem to also be in a state of non-function, with some right-hand turns being extremely painful, with six seconds of turning available only every two minutes. The idea of red arrows in our city is especially galling, as they prevent the give-way rules (which are extremely clear) from working, and stop traffic flowing.

Even worse, are Christchurch drivers themselves, who seem to have absolutely no urgency to get away smartly at our intersections, in order to let as many people as possible through a set of (very short) lights. Then there are the idiots who seem to think a 30kmh limit applies everywhere, and that every time they see a traffic cone they should pretty much stop.

One other extremely poor, and very frustrating aspect of the quakes, is that defunct businesses have not altered their websites to say they are closed or relocated. This is driving me positively batty: when the only way to find if a business is closed is to call their number and hear the "dit dit dit" of a disconnected number.

Google has also been extremely lax in failing to index failed businesses correctly, and also to update Google Earth in Christchurch for an extended period.

Finally, although my home is TC3, we have not been contacted by EQC or Fletchers at all since the earthquakes, and while our home is livable, it would be nice if I could get someone to talk to us about our home, and what timeframe they think it might be before our broken foundations, destroyed driveway and cracked walls might get repaired.

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