Have you left Chch? I'm tired of fighting

Last updated 14:30 20/02/2013

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I wasn't very much bothered by the actual event of the earthquake. The bother came later as I had a reasonably stressful job as a residential property manager who owned and operated my own business.

My main concern was to ensure the safety and well being of all the tenants. This was a huge job. The needs of the tenants were immediate and in some cases they were in dire situations where properties were unsafe to occupy.

Over the past years since the quakes I have continued to manage the risk and carry out temporary repairs as and when required. This was often at the expense of my own property and my family's properties.

Two years on, I am beaten. I believe that it is not until you remove yourself from the situation that you can see it for what it is. I think it takes a very special person to remain in Chrischurch.

My observations are that the effect of the actual events pale into insignificance compared with the trauma people have suffered since in dealing with EQC and their insurers. It is not the quakes that have altered, and in some cases ruined peoples' lives, it is dealing with bureaucracy.

The deception continues on a daily basis. I could tell you so many stories about the havoc it has caused. People continue to be ripped off and deceived by bureaucracy. It seems we are powerless and there is no defence.

I can see the situation clearly now having moved from Christchurch to Auckland, where life as I knew it continues.

I am one of the lucky ones. I have choices. Some people do not. Life in Auckland is not ideal because my husband still has his business in Christchurch. He is currently trying to commute, but spends the majority of his time in Christchurch.

We are determined not to let this event destroy our marriage, but life is not easy.

I never envisaged owning what was a $1m dollar house which is now worth a fraction of that value because EQC refuse to acknowledge a correct repair strategy.

I am so tired of fighting them, so, like the rest of the poplulation I have given up and moved.

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