Quakes helped me rebuild my love life

Last updated 14:13 20/02/2013
Carole Payton

HAPPY COUPLE: The February 2011 quake brought Carole Payton closer to her then ex partner. The pair were married last week.

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After February 22, I moved to Wellington to finish the last year of my social work degree.

My family are in Palmerston North so having me closer after all that had happened was very important to them.

It was with reluctance I left, but school had closed and my part-time job at Ballantynes looked to be on hold for the foreseeable future so I thought what the heck...

Moving meant leaving behind many things. The city I loved, the people I adored and the life I had known.

But it also meant leaving behind my ex partner, we had broken up August the previous year but it wasn't quite over for either of us.

A few weeks into my move, we started rebuilding the relationship that I thought may have been tarnished beyond repair.

After the events of February 22 though, my views on what was repairable or replaceable altered greatly. I remember thinking about how I could have lost him all together (he worked in Cathedral Square) so we decided to forgive and move forward.

We worked on it all through 2011. Both of us realising that communication was key and that we were vulnerable due to what we had been through.

About mid year I started feeling really emotional about the earthquakes and couldn't read/watch/see anything Christchurch-related as it felt like my heart was breaking.

I realised how much I had been affected, and it cemented even more my desire to embrace what we have right here, right now.

I am happy to say that I completed my degree, moved back to Christchurch to be with my partner in December 2011 and we were married last Friday, February 15.

Looking back, I wonder if we would have been successful in rebuilding if we hadn't been thrown into a situation outside our control.

All I know is I love my husband and I love my city and I will continue to live here and do all I can to support the rebuild and our communities.

Kia kaha Christchurch xx

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