More petty crime post-quake

Last updated 10:06 21/02/2013

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The main differences I've noticed since the big quakes is the frustration with all the road closures/detours/repairs.

It almost seems like every day a road layout had been changed or diverted. It's annoying but necessary to get everything up and running again.

Another thing I have noticed more of is petty, pathetic crime. I have had my place broken into twice and my fence and garage constantly get covered in tagging to the point where I can't even be bothered cleaning it off anymore, plus a few mates of mine have had their places burgled and/or vandalised as well.

The police don't seem too bothered about trying to solve these crimes either as after reporting both break-ins all I got was a call from the police saying "we'll look into it" and that's it, no follow up or even a visit to investigate the scene.

The place can be frustrating and the thought of leaving has crossed my mind a few times but at the same time it's exciting to know that a fresh, modern city is being rebuilt right under our noses.

There's no doubt that during the rebuild it is going to be frustrating for people living here as it can seem that you're living in a state of limbo, and I totally understand why people want to leave.

I do think Cera needs to have more of a public presence rather than just being this faceless organisation that we're entrusting to rebuild the city.

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