Plain packets? Address alcohol abuse first

Last updated 05:00 25/02/2013
TOO FAST: Emile Grey says our youth struggle to cope with a rapidly changing booze culture.

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I agree with John Murphy (Plain packs are plain wrong), that it would be a waste of time putting cigarettes in to plain packaging.

I am a smoker. I enjoy smoking and plain packets are not going to stop me from smoking, only I can do that and at present I choose not to.

I also cannot remember the last time I went to the doctor. I have been a smoker for more than 35 years and have always enjoyed very good health. I know that I am a minority when it comes to that, but there are others like me.

I do, however, have a question that I would like answered. Can anyone tell me how many people have been killed or abused because someone had one extra smoke, you know, just one for the road?

I agree that the cost to the health services from the effects of cigarette smoke is huge, but can I also ask what this cost is in comparison to that created by those who drink and drive?

Generally, if you are a smoker, you are the person that is mainly affected. There do not seem to be many accidents where alcohol is a factor that only affect one person, and indeed there are far too many innocent people being killed because of drink.

How many people are affected by domestic violence because their partner had one smoke too many?

I believe we should be addressing alcohol abuse in New Zealand before we tackle the smoking problem.

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