First date disaster: Pain of dating karma

Last updated 15:20 21/02/2013
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OUCH: Peni Talia'uli was left holding his groin like Dan Carter after a date set up.

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On orientation day at AUT I met up with a couple of my college girl-mates from back in the islands.

After kisses and hugs, their first question was if I was single. Delighted to know I was, they grabbed my hands and lead me down the stairs towards the carpark.

On the way they kept laughing and saying I have to meet a new friend of theirs, and that we would make the perfect couple.

I was too shy so I convinced them to hold off this surprise meeting for a couple of days and we'd make it a date.

A couple of days passed and I was nervously getting out of my car at the Auckland Domain. I had just bought new clothes and perfume so I was all pimped and ready for this date.

I saw my friends under the trees with my date so I tried to look cool walking over to them.

As I got there my date turned out to be one of my ex-girlfriends from a couple of years back who kneed me in the groin after finding out I was with her best friend while we dated.

Let's just say, her knee found the same place it did the last time we met.

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