Mince and Twisties three ways pie

I still indulge in this strange food combo, much to the disgust of the entire CrossFit community.

I still indulge in this strange food combo, much to the disgust of the entire CrossFit community.

This recipe was developed a million light years ago at boarding school.

We had to come up with all sorts of creations to give us much-needed sustenance in addition to the horrific slop and gruel served at meal times in the 80s.

So our solution was to take a tuck shop staple and develop it into a winning combination of flavours and textures whilst satiating our growing teenage bodies. Hence, the "Big Ben mince and Twisties three ways pie" was born.

There is a certain order of eating this wacky food combo that gives you three meals all rolled into one.

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Be warned: it only works with Big Ben pies. I've tried different pie brands but you can't beat the original.

Meal one - canape:

Take the lid off the pie (in one piece if possible - it's just so satisfying if it does). Then take five to eight Twisties and place them on the pastry lid. Roll the lid around the Twisties to create a "Twisties roll canape".

Enjoy, like it's your best friend's wedding and you scored the best man.

Meal two - starter:

Take the Twisties one by one and scoop the mince out of the pie, eating all the filling this way until you are left with just the pie shell.

Devour that filling like it's the best thing since Shalamar's lead singer.

Meal three - main:

Fill your now-empty pie shell with your remaining Twisties to make an "open Twisties pie" and attack before bop pants and Hawaiian shirts make a comeback.

You do have the option of foregoing the Twisties roll and just saving the lid to put on top of your Twisties pie to make it a true Twisties pie.

It must be served with some sort of carbonated beverage to avoid "dry-Twisties-mouth-syndrome". I prefer Coca-Cola, but anything will do.

For extra indulgence, try it with Big Bens mince and cheese pie. Sublime!

I did and still do partake in this culinary delight 30 odd years later, much to the disgust of my children, my husband, my friends and the entire CrossFit community.

Bon appetit!

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