Pet of the day: Cooper just wants a shower

Cooper, captured during a rare dry moment.

Cooper, captured during a rare dry moment.

Meet Cooper, my ragdoll cat.

Cooper is 7 months old and his favourite thing to do is play in water.

Each morning he gets into the shower as soon as I turn it on, and I have to drag him out so I can get in.

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He then sits at the door and meows, pleading with me to let him in.

Izzy sleeps on the bookcase
Tui, the trooper
That smize, though
* Monty's cute and he knows it

Cooper has fallen into the bath a few times - he charges down the hall way into the bathroom and with one bounding leap lands in the tub of water!

Most cats would be horrified, but it doesn't bother Cooper at all.

He gets himself out, sits on the bath mat and licks himself dry without a care in the world.

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