Pet of the day: Ivy the goldendoodle stole my heart

"She has already wreaked havoc on our hearts."

"She has already wreaked havoc on our hearts."

Ivy is a retriever poodle cross, an F1B goldendoodle - also known as a groodle in Australia, or a retradoodle in the US.

She has already wreaked havoc on our hearts at the tender age of 4 weeks, and all on the basis of one visit so far. When I first held her warm little body and sniffed her straw-smelling head my heart just exploded.

We now have to wait another four weeks until she can come home with us, but already we can hardly bear the wait.

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The breeder has been a very good sport by sending regular video clips and photos which we devour. Ivy's transformation from deaf and blind pink-nosed milk-seeking machine to a cute teddy bear is astounding. It's hilarious to see her mount a mock attack on her littermate, swaggering across the blanket, jaw open and paw raised in combat, and then fall over just as she strikes.

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Lister the crazy beardie
* Bella grooms Poppy
Shady the daredevil sphynx

I'm filling this waiting period by shopping for all the things Ivy will be needing, plus a few she won't. My husband has firmly vetoed the cute grey marle hoodie with "I woke up like this" in glittery pink lettering, for example... She will definitely have an excellent toy collection, which might hopefully mean my shoes are safe!

Ivy the goldendoodle at 4 weeks old.

Ivy the goldendoodle at 4 weeks old.

This little dog is going to be a fabulous addition to our small family - a companion who will be loved, well cared for and respected her whole life.

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