Pet of the Day: Puppy from the pound

Keara, the very first time I saw her.
Sarah Ridley

Keara, the very first time I saw her.

Keara was abandoned at the pound with her brother, scared and alone.

After living in a concrete cell for a few days she went into the play area with her brother. When the attendant put her on the ground the puppy immediately noticed a new person. That new person was me. 

She ran into my arms.

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I knew she was special the moment I saw her photo on Facebook, and once meeting her at the pound I knew she was ment to be in my life. I filled out the paperwork, got approved and a few days later I brought her home.

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Keara instantly became my best friend and everything I wanted in a dog - a pound mix special with a great smile, great brain and perfect temperament.

Keara exploring the bush.
Sarah Ridley

Keara exploring the bush.

We have been partners now for four years and we are a great team. These days we train and compete in agility and obedience, plus much more. 

She has been there through the good times and the bad and during my lowest days she was there for me.

She is one in a trillion.

Keara winning a flygility race.
Andrew Ridley

Keara winning a flygility race.

She is proof that rescue pups can be amazing.

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