Pet of the day: Sir Sam Chairman Meow of Eglinton Lane

He may have lost one of his lives, but he's grateful for the other eight.

He may have lost one of his lives, but he's grateful for the other eight.

Two and a half years ago, my partner carried home a small bundle of fur in a box.

This is Sam, or - to give him his full name - Sir Sam Chairman Meow of Eglinton Lane. The name was made up on the spur of the moment when we couldn't come to an agreement. One wanted Sam , the other wanted Chairman Meow, one argument later and the name was born.

He's a sweet cat who only likes to sleep either between the sheets next to you or on your face.

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He only had one accident as a kitten and the only time he was ever told off was when he discovered sausages and almost took off a finger.

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A year and a half ago he went missing.

At this time he loved my partner more than me because he gave out more treats than I did.

It was unusual for him to be away for more than two hours, so we were worried but thought he might be doing a typical cat wander.

We waited two days, calling out for him, and then I told my partner to scream his name as loud as possible (never mind the neighbours).

Four hours later we heard a quiet meow. He had come home, missing all his teeth on left side, with a limp tail and missing a notable amount of his nose.

We thought he had been hit by a car but the vet told us he didn't have scuffed claws or any damage to his pelvis, which you'd expect if he'd been hit. His teeth looked like they had been kicked in.

Almost $2000 later and our boy was on his way to recovery, and he has amazed us at every turn.

He lost 90 per cent of his hind legs muscle as well as his tail and teeth. His nose thankfully grew back.

A lot of people I know say cats are not grateful, but I have to disagree. Sam has shown us more love during and after his recovery than he did before. When he couldn't climb onto the bed, we bought cat stairs. When he wanted to go outside, but couldn't walk, we made him a bed and tied a leash on him so he could enjoy the sun and fresh air.

We are rewarded every day with cuddles and for a year we had a mouse every two days - which is saying something for a cat who was never interested in hunting. He knew we did our best to make sure he was comfortable and happy.

Despite everything that has happened to him he's still friendly. He greets everyone with a meow and a demand for pats.

So thank you to Humanimals Dunedin and all the vets out there who do an amazing job every day. Without you all Sam wouldn't be here today on my lap purring his head off as I write this. I'm thankful and I know that in his cat way Sam is thankful too.

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