Top 10 family bands

Last updated 05:00 19/12/2013

HAPPIER TIMES: Liam and Noel Gallagher couldn't keep it together, but their songs live on for the fans.

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The family that plays together hardly ever stays together.

Over the years, there have been hundreds of family bands who have come and gone. Some of them left a bad taste in our mouths while others had our ears feeling all good.

The following is a list of the latter: 10 songs from the best family bands of all time.

10: The Jets - Love Makes the World Go Round

This trio of brothers from the UK was the country's most popular rockabilly band of the 80s. They put out an astonishing 12 albums but their highest charting single was a cover of the 1958 hit Love Makes the World Go Round. This recording proves that the intertwining of genres can be a good thing. Look out for the rockabilly guitar riffs on this one.  

9: Hanson - Mmmbop

Hanson had a large number of singles and albums charting fairly highly since they debuted in 1992. Starting out as three teenagers with Justin Bieber-eque voices, they successfully managed to make the transition to three grown men with much manlier voices. Mmmbop was their first hit way back in 1996 and once you realise that the singing blonde is one of the brothers and not their distant cousin Alice, you can truly get into this bebop re-invention.

8: Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song (Asereje)

Ever since the Macarena we've had tenacity for foreign-language dance numbers. In 2002, this group of four sisters put out 'The Ketchup Song' and all hell broke loose. The single went number one in nine countries and went double, triple platinum in most countries while going diamond in Sweden. So stand up, recall the steps and dance along to this one-hit classic.

7: CocoRosie - Lemonade

We've had enough feel good numbers, on to some 'freak folk'. There are only about 10 freak folk bands in the world and this duo of sisters is the one doing it best. The two sisters have distinctively different voices and they use that to their advantage to add layer upon layer of freak to their folk music. It might be a bit creepy but at the heart of i Lemonade is a brilliant musical achievement and the best way to get acquainted with this genre.

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6: The Jardines - Torn

This mother-daughter band has been rocking it out since 2009. Combining daughter Ajaye's modern vocals with mother Cherelle's old-school style has created something of a new genre. Their new album Someone's Stolen Tuesday is full of well-written songs like Torn. This is something for fans of Taylor Swift who are sick of hearing about all the wrong that boys do to the poor girl. This is from the heart. Their recent interview with Tickets Move is quite inspiring as they performed all their famous songs.

5: The Corrs - Runaway

The Corrs' genre of music is Celtic folk rock. The band is comprised of three sisters and one brother, which would explain why all their songs are so 'womanly' (I'm sure the brother, Jim, isn't able to get a word in during the songwriting process). The band enjoyed massive success with several multi-platinum albums and number one singles but the song that truly defined the band was their debut single 'Runaway'. Featuring angelic vocals and just the right amount of Irish instrumental riffs, Runaway is so brilliantly Irish that I'm surprised the video didn't feature the band dressed as Leprechauns.

4: Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

The Followill brothers have been doing really good arena rock music since 1999 but it took them nine years to get recognised in the US. Once they hit it big, they hit it really big with high-charting singles, their album going platinum and a Grammy Award to boot. Use Somebody truly captures the angst-filled vocals of Caleb Followill and the epic arena rock feel of the band. I defy anyone who says they can go through the chorus of this jam without singing along.

3: Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive

The three British brothers started out their career as a rock band in Australia but the 1970s disco fever and the hit film Saturday Night Fever changed their music genre and cultural impact forever. Their disco hits have legendary status and many would-be disco dancers have embarrassed themselves to the beats of the Bee Gees. Stayin' Alive is the song you'll hear at any best of the 70s disco party.

2: The Jackson 5 - I'll Be There

Maybe it's the fact that their lead singer was the universe's greatest gift to music or the fact that they recorded some of the most memorable Motown hits; the Jackson 5 is by far the highest selling (over a 100 million records sold) and most well-known family band ever. The band had class, style and immense amounts of talent. You can say the band was the 1D of its time (if you ignore the 'immense talent' part). They had so many good songs but I'll be There was the first time the world fell in love with Michael Jackson, so that's my pick for this list.

1 Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle

Noel and Liam Gallagher haven't always seen eye to eye but their phenomenal success led them to stay together for long enough to give fans a lot of classic songs. Even though they sadly broke up in 2009 due to an apparent backstage fight between the brothers at a festival, we can all take comfort in the fact that they've recorded Wonderwall, Layla, Let there be Love and Songbird. You might ask how I can put the Gallagher brothers over the Jackson 5. It's this song. The Importance of Being Idle is the closest any band has ever got to putting their whole lives and images into a song. This song is Oasis.


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