Don't let me down again Jesse

Last updated 07:00 13/02/2014
Jesse Ryder

HOPING IT'S NOT HIS LAST: Jesse Ryder raises his bat after scoring an ODI century in Queenstown.

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I feel like a kid whose house was missed by Santa after finding out that our old mate Jesse has been up to his old tricks.

Despite finally making a return to the Black Caps it seems Ryder's international career might be flushed down the dunny where those last few drinks should've gone on the eve of the first test.

No-one can doubt his ability on the park with both bat and ball. His sometimes apparent lack of footwork is superseded by his amazing hand-eye co-ordination - something other batsmen can only dream about.

But now, all that appears in vain as he continues to disappoint fans with off-field indiscretions.

Some say: "Why does it matter if he's out drinking and he's still scoring runs?"

The point here is that he's broken team protocol by going out till 3am the night before a test match that he could've been playing in. As the old cliché goes, nothing good ever happens outside bars at 3am.

The question most of us ask is why does he continually put himself in this position?

The term alcoholic is a strong word in my opinion and is thrown around too loosely these days.

I'm sure Jesse isn't pouring Jim Beam on his cornflakes.

In reality, most of us have been through those days of hitting the bars and clubs two or three nights a week.

I can recall stumbling in the door in the early hours of the morning before teeing off in golf tournaments.

I look back now and I wonder why I did it, but in reality it was only a phase before I realised it was one or the other so the late night took a back seat when I had 36 holes of golf the next day.

I don't believe Ryder is an alcoholic. He says he wants to play at the top level again but he needs to sort out his priorities.

You'd think with his manager, Aaron Klee, having jumped ship now, Ryder will wake up and get back on track.

But it's possible he will continue to snub NZ Cricket's team protocols.

Maybe he'll now realise that some drastic changes are needed if he wants to fulfil his potential.

If seeing his manager walk away from him isn't enough then I don't know what is.

It seems Jesse Ryder is running out of lifelines with NZ Cricket and that's fair enough as the team's now showing they don't solely rely on the talented stroke-maker.

It will be even tougher for him now to convince the selection panel that he can be trusted and to force his way into a winning Black Caps outfit.

I would love to see him back, but whether he gets another chance is entirely up to him. Don't let me down again Jesse.

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