Share your labour tales: It was worth every minute

Last updated 14:45 25/10/2012

SKIN TO SKIN: Baby Michaela, fifteen minutes old.

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A labour of love

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"She is coming this week for sure , I know it!" That's what I kept telling everyone.

On the Sunday night I had cramping, which I had never had through my pregnancy. I told my midwife when I saw her on Monday morning (at 39 weeks and two days).

We knew the baby had moved from transverse position, but we discovered it had also moved down into my pelvis, head 3/5th engaged and I was 2cm dilated. From then on, I had cramping every day and kept telling myself she's coming today but, no, each day passed with no baby. 

I woke at 5am on Thursday, September, 20, two days before my due date with extreme pains coming every five minutes. At this stage I knew for sure I was in labour, so off I went to my mother-in-law's for a bath while my fiance called my mum and sister and told them to make their way down to Wellington from Taranaki.

By the time I arrived at Hutt Hospital to meet my midwife, I was 3cm dilated. The midwife was sure she would arrive within the next 24 hours but I was having irregular contractions and was sent home with my mum, sister and fiance in tow.

It was a long night, walking up and down the road with my dog, trying to speed things up. I was getting upset as the pain was getting worse but varied between 3 minutes and 10 minutes apart. I tried to get some sleep, but couldn't and at 12 o'clock I walked into the lounge and said to mum and my sister, "I cannot do this anymore my back is killing me!". But, I had to keep going.

After a restless night on the couch I went to the hospital at 6am, now 6cm dilated, so wasn't sent home.

My waters were broken. I got into the bath and on to the gas. This was good for a bit and then after 30-odd hours of labour had reached 8cm.

The midwife suggested an epidural so I could rest and have enough energy to push. I didn't want this as I felt like a failure but all of a sudden my contractions got intense and I couldn't handle it any more so I said, "yes get it".

She said the anaesthetist would be here in 30mins, when he didnt come I said, "oh my god, where is he, I need the epidural!"

Once I got it, I crashed, my blood pressure dropped and the contractions stopped. They gave me Syntec to speed up contractions and straight after that I felt like I needed to poop. I needed to push.

The epidural had now worn off and after 45 minutes, my fiance delivered our baby girl into my arms, after a 34-hour labour it was great to see her gorgeous face. She was perfect, my fiance cut the cord, we had skin to skin, went on the breast, then I got up and had a shower while she got her tests done and the family all had cuddles.

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Michaela was a perfect 6lb 15oz baby girl born on the September 21 at 2:59pm, one day before her due date.

I would go through that labour every day to meet her for the first time again. It is the best life experience ever. I love her with all my heart. She is now four and a half weeks old and my little gem.

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