Share your labour tales: A galling time

Last updated 05:00 26/10/2012
HAPPY LAD: Sally Rose's son, Sam, is an absolute angel.
HAPPY LAD: Sally Rose's son, Sam, is an absolute angel.

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A labour of love

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It was my second pregnancy and we were so excited to be expecting again as planned.

Our first son was 18 months old so we were keen to give him a sibling.

It took no effort to get pregnant and this pregnancy seemed to be going along very nicely, no morning sickness as I had with the first. I was just tired.

At 10 weeks I started experiencing what I thought was extreme indigestion and morning sickness. My midwife prescribed some medicine for the indigestion but nothing was working.

One night I was in so much pain that I asked my husband to take me to the A&E at midnight.

I told the doctor a friend had mentioned gallstones to me and he was also of the same opinion. I made an appointment with my GP and midwife to get this confirmed.

At 17 weeks it was finally confirmed that I did have gallstones and nothing could be done until after the baby was born.

I was prescribed pethidine, which I hated taking but had no choice. I managed to suffer through this horrible ordeal to 38.5 weeks when my baby boy was born, after a short three hours labour, weighing a hefty 4kg (9lbs). He was absolutely perfect.

I lost 20kgs from the start of the pregnancy to seven weeks after I had my son when they removed my gallbladder.

While I was experiencing this horrible ordeal I could not find any information about whether other mothers had gone through the same thing and have often wondered how useful a book about my experience would be.

My son is now four and an absolute angel. It was a truly horrible pregnancy and I feel for anybody who has, at any time in their life, experienced gallstones.

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