Baby calls 'shotgun', arrives in car

Last updated 09:30 26/10/2012
SHOTGUN BABY: Baby Tyler arrived in the front seat of the Pajero parked in the ambulance bay at the hospital.

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Our baby decided he wanted a grand entrance into the world, choosing the front seat of the family car just like his grandmother's arrival some 50 years earlier.

The day started like any other, I was busy nesting, cleaning around the house and doing the last few jobs before our bundle was due in a week's time. After a quick trip to the supermarket and a visit to see the hubby at work at a busy mechanics workshop, I came home and rested up.

I had no real signs of labour like I experienced during my first birth, and continued about my afternoon but I was feeling a bit uneasy.

Later I called my midwife to come and check on me. She arrived at 3pm, decided a quick inspection was in order and confirmed baby would probably be here some time within 24 hours. She left at 3.10pm and said to call my hubby as I was best to have him home and look after me.

I rang him and told him the news but said I would be fine to wait until he finished at 5pm and that I would get mum around instead to save hassle.

They both turned up by 3.20pm and things really started to move. I told mum to ring the midwife back and tell her I needed to push.

She advised to pack up my things and meet her at the hospital at 4pm. I knew I couldn't wait that long so mum hurried me off into the car, I didn't even have time to put my shoes on.

The drive to the hospital was only about five minutes away but it felt like forever, I was by then in pain and felt the sensation to push even more than before. As we got to the entrance of the hospital gates I was pushed up off my seat, we navigated our way to the back of the maternity complex and parked in the ambulance bay 'reserved for Ambulances only' area.

My partner ran into the ward saying the baby was on its way and we needed help and returned with a whole team of medical staff who were ready to assist with the delivery. However, they found a little bundle of joy laying on the floor of the car. He arrived at 3.40pm to one shocked mummy.

We were both helped down from the Pajero and wheeled into the hospital, with a few cheers from some of the bystanders that saw it all unfold.

We were given the all clear with a healthy little boy and we on our way home after three hours.

We bundled him back into 'the birthing suite' and a quick trip through the McDonald's drive-through as we were all too buggered to cook. We were off home.

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I can't wait to share his story with him when he is old enough to understand.

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