No pain relief, no complications, no time to waste

Last updated 14:30 26/10/2012
NICE AND EASY: Deveon P-J arrived after a straightforward, five-hour labour.

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As a soon-to-be first time mother, I had a lot to do before giving birth. In the week leading up to my due date I had a wedding to attend and I also had to move house.

I was due on 29 January 2008. On the 19th I attended the wedding as planned. We moved house on the 20th and also had my mother drive through from the Coromandel to stay a few days.

On the 21st my mother and I decided to get a little morning shopping done before heading to my midwife appointment at 2pm.

We brought my soon-to-be daughter a bracelet and then sat down to enjoy some lunch. As I stood up after lunch I felt like I had wet myself and thought I needed to go to the toilet. So off I waddled. Everything seemed fine so we carried on to the supermarket.

At 12.30pm in the supermarket, as I was bending down to get some honey and my waters broke! All over the floor! So home we went.

We got home and I went straight to the bathroom to clean myself up. Then rang the midwife who told me that as I was not having contractions she would see me later on.

At 1.30pm the contractions started. At 2pm I rang my partner and told him I was in labour and to stay at work until he'd finished for the day as everything was fine.

By 4pm he was home and we were racing off to the hospital with contractions three minutes apart.

At 4.30pm I was 4cm dilated and told I could be in for another four or five hours before anything happened.

At 6pm I was starting to push.

At 6.18pm Deveon P-J was born. No tears or stitches. No pain relief. No complications. Everyone was perfect. Total labour time - 5 hrs 48 mins.

Since then I've had another daughter with a labour time of 1.5hrs - also no rips or tears, no pain relief and no complications.

Can't wait for the third!

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