Red-light runner delivers quickly

Last updated 05:00 29/10/2012
NUMBER THREE: Baby Natalia, one day old.

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Baby number three was the best labour and birth so far.

Our second boy was 4.85kg (10lb 11oz), so with this pregnancy my midwife was wary of gestational diabetes. For the last month and a half, I was off sugar and had to test my blood - all in the hope of a healthier baby and mum after birth.

I was due Feb 7, but at 7pm on the February 1 my waters broke as I was reading a bedtime story to our boys. I called the midwife who said to ring her back when things started to move along and that it may take about two hours.

Twenty minutes later I called her saying, "yes, things were definitely moving along" as contractions were already 10 minutes apart.

By 8pm we had dropped the boys off to my parents and my mum had come to our place as well as the midwife, Lois, and student. For the next hour and a bit, the contractions became stronger and closer together, so I had a shower, and dealt with the pain by walking around and rotating my hips in a kind of hula dance during contractions.

By 9.20pm we were ready to go to hospital as I could feel the contractions getting more pushy, so off we went for an uncomfortable ride in the car to the delivery suite, running a red light to get there! Once changed and settled in our room, I had the lights dimmed and radio turned on just to make it feel a bit more relaxed. I remember looking at the clock and it being about 9.40pm.

My previous two labours had been seven hours established labour with number one (17 hours total) and six hours total with number two. Both boys were delivered with me on my back so this time we decided to go with a standing position to allow gravity to help.

Natalia was born with maybe one pushing contraction with hubby holding me up, arms around me from behind, and Lois caught our baby girl who was born at 10.10pm - so three hours from start to finish.

She was a tiny 3.8kg (8lb 6oz). After a really great breastfeed and being weighed, measured and dressed, we were ready for a good sleep. Afterpains were quite strong this time. Seems it's true that they get worse with each baby, unfortunately.

We are 31 weeks with number four, so I'm hoping that it goes as well as last time. But as each previous story has mentioned, no matter what you have to do or go through to get that baby out - it is worth it. 

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